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Three Deep Breaths

Would you like to feel better in less than ten seconds? 
If so, try the following exercise, called “Three Deep Breaths.” 
As you do, keep your eyes open, and don’t stop reading.


Now exhale.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

Inhale again - a little deeper this time.

Now slow down your exhale. Stretch it out.

One more time - a long, slow inhale.

Pay attention as your breath comes in.

Don’t think about it; just watch your breath as it fills your lungs.

Now the exhale - feel it, watch it. Exhale completely.

What just happened?

You stopped worrying for 10 seconds!

Your concentration was on your breath, which is a present moment experience. For those 10 seconds you were Right Here – Right Now.

You were not reliving a fearful experience from the past nor were you projecting into the future that a fear would repeat.
With your attention on your breath, you were experiencing the power of the present moment.
Welcome to peace of mind and to presence of mind.
Welcome to a state of fearlessness. For 10 seconds you were not worried about losing your job, a sick relative, your child's report card or the day you will die. You were in the present moment.

 "Right Here – Right Now." If you use nothing else from my book, next time you start to get agitated, stop and take three deep breaths.

 This is much harder than it sounds, so practice when you're not angry. When I realize I am starting to slip into fear, I remind myself to stop thinking and to start breathing. 

Try doing this ten times in the next twenty-four hours - at work, on the phone, in the so-called express lane at the supermarket, in traffic, in an elevator, at a restaurant when your three minute egg hasn’t arrived after ten minutes.

And don’t worry, no one will know what you’re doing.

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